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We Have Them

We are proud to announce we now offer Digital Set Top Boxes (STB) and Digital Video Recorders (DVR) for a low monthly rate.

Add a 
Set Top Box or a DVR and get all these great features. 

Electronic Program Guide

Electronic program guides and interactive program guides provide users of television with continuously updated menus displaying broadcast programming or scheduling information for current and upcoming programming.

Parental locks

The parental lock or content filters allow users over 18 years old to block access to channels that are not appropriate for children, using a personal identification number.


This feature allows the user to choose favorite channels, making them easier and quicker to access; this is handy with the wide range of digital channels on offer.


The timer allows the user to program and enable the box to switch between channels at certain times: this is handy to record from more than one channel while the user is out. The user still needs to program the VCR or DVD recorder too.

If you have an older TV, get all the Channels

Use the STB or DVR to add digital and HD channels to your current TV tier if you have an older TV.

DVRs only

Pause Live TV

These machines have two independent tuners within the same receiver. The main use for this feature is the capability to record a live program while watching another live program simultaneously or to record two programs at the same time, possibly while watching a previously recorded one. Watching pre-recorded programs allows users to fast-forward through commercials

Watch TV when you want

You can automatically record all new episodes whenever they air. Want to record any TV show or movie involving your favorite actor/actress? Just tell your DVR. You can even pause live TV so that you won't miss if someone calls.

Skip commercials

Watching pre-recorded programs allows users to fast-forward through commercials

Monthly rental prices for these add-ons start at $7.00 for the STB and $14.50 for the DVR. Discounts are available for Bundle customers, and for additional boxes at the same location. In addition, a STB or DVR is required to receive our 4-channel HBO package. Either box can be picked up at our office and installed by you, or a technician can install it for you at a charge of $30.00.

We also are now carrying M-cards for your TIVO system. 
Please call our office @ 541-488-9207 Monday thru Friday from 8:30 - 5:00 for more details or to get your STB or DVR.

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