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Ashland Home Net TV Services
as of 4/1/2015
Prices subject to change without notice.

Taxes and Recurring Fees
Community Lifeline Franchise Fee - $1.38
Expanded Basic Franchise Fee- $3.29
Expanded Plus Franchise Fee- $3.70
HBO Franchise Fee - $0.90
Showtime Franchise fee - $0.78
Starz ​Franchise fee - $0.78
Peg fee - $0.75  

DVR or STB Rental Cost
Set Top Box - $7.00/month 
DVR - $14.50/month 
Non-Recurring Charges      
TV Installation - $42.05
Downgrade to Community TV - $22.05
Upgrade to Expanded TV - FREE
Seasonal Turn On/Off - $10.75 each
(only once per calendar year)
Reconnect after non-payment - $25.95
(The account must be paid in full including the $25.95 fee before services are hooked back up.)
Returned Check Fee - $25.00

Additional wiring/outlets are at customer's expense and to be determined at the time of service.    
Late fees of $3.00 or 15% of outstanding balance due are assessed if payment is received after the due date (20 days from invoice date).    

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