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485 E Main St.
Ashland, OR 97520
Phone: 541-488-9207
Hours: Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm

Home Networking

The official Bluetooth website, includes the Bluetooth guide, news, technical info, events and the Bluetooth SIG.
Working to establish an open industry specification for unlicensed RF digital communications for PCs and consumer devices.
The HomePlug Powerline Alliance formed to provide a forum for the creation of open specifications for high-speed home powerline networking products and services.

Cable Technologies

National Cable Television Association. The site offers a glance at the cable industry, and holds the Annual Cable Convention and Expo.

DOCSIS - Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification- a standard interface for cable modems.

Cable Labs
A research and development consortium of cable television system operators representing North and South America.

Residential Gateways

Continental Automated Buildings Association, which promotes advanced technologies
for the automation of homes and buildings in North America.
The Open Services Gateway Initiative cooperation is working to define and promote open standards for the delivery of multiple services over wide-area networks to local networks and devices.
The BBH is provided as a resources web site for the broadband home community.

Standards and Protocols

International Telecommunication Union. Publisher of telecommunication technology,
regulatory and standards information such as: ITU-T H.323 recommendation of packet-based multimedia communication systems.

IEEE Standards Association
An international membership organization offering a complete portfolio of standards programs, such as:IEEE 802.3 and 802.3u LAN Ethernet standards, IEEE 802.11b Wireless LAN Standards.

The Internet Engineering Task Force- an open international community concerned with the evolution of the Internet architecture and the smooth operation of the Internet. The site includes RFC pages.

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