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485 E Main St.
Ashland, OR 97520
Phone: 541-488-9207
Hours: Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm

Ashland Home Net's Slogan is "We Give You More" and here's how we do it. Ashland Home Net offers a full range of E-mail and internet communication services. Our e-mail server protects you from viruses and spam, provides full security, includes seamless web access to your email, remote administration, and much more!
Kill computer viruses quick! Ashland Home Net is equipped with full support for e-mail Anti-Virus. AntiVirus helps ensure that your email arrives totally free from viruses, and it is rigorously tested to ensure the utmost in performance, identification, confinement, and elimination of email-borne viruses.
With our e-mail server's spam blocker and spam filter we can stop spam at the door before it ever gets to your inbox! our e-mail server's suite of anti-spam features can cross-reference sending servers with databases of known spammers, heuristically scan messages and assign a spam "score", block or delete high-scoring messages, flag messages as spam and add text to the subject, and more. It can even utilize Bayesian classification to "learn" over time and improve its accuracy.
Web based Email
SmarterMail is AHN's full-featured, customizable, web mail client that you can use to access your email, address books, and calendars from around the globe.
Personal Domain Support
AHN provides personalized email services to any number of distinct Internet domains.
Supports IMAP Clients
More efficient than the POP3 protocol, IMAP support allows the use of IMAP clients to manage email on the server rather than having to download and manage it on one machine. Plus with IMAP Mail Rules, you can route your messages directly to the folders of your choice.
AHN employs an extensive suite of security mechanisms including: IP and host screening, anti-relay options, SMTP authentication, reverse lookup, and more.

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