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March 2010 Newsletter

Welcome to March. The Olympics are over and our special Olympics Cable TV package was a huge success. We had only one night of issues and Gary Knox, our TV tech was on the scene right away. It turned out to be a problem with the source, so we had to wait until they got that corrected. All in all, a huge success.

While half of our customers were watching the Olympics on TV (Some of you were there in person, thanks for posting photos to facebook for me to see) the other half were enjoying them on the internet. I know, I personally watched daily streaming video highlights sent to me from friends of amazing athletes in action.

We are enjoying being your high speed connection to the world and watching how we as a community change with the times.

That is what makes me so excited about Apple's new iPad. The device will help us change the way we watch TV. It's large enough to be on your coffee table at all times. Wirelessly connected to your home network. So watch this space, as well as my TV show, Tech Talk about the iPad as it gets released and we start to see how people use it everyday.

AFN quietly celebrated 10 years of serving our community last month and I received many emails from you reminding me how you feel about our communities investment. Thank you for that. It seems that most of us share a deep appreciation for the network and the city employees that work tirelessly to keep it up and running.

We are excited that the city has chosen Rob Lloyd as the new Information Technology (IT) Director and will be at the helm leading AFN into a prosperous future. He starts March 15th.

Spring is in the air. It's time to do some spring cleaning. We have been getting a number of support calls lately about virus scans (preventive and corrective), so I wanted to make sure you knew that we do provide that service. You can call our office and our Mac expert Michael and PC expert Robert will be happy to help you. You can save a lot of money if you bring in the computer and drop it off.

Backup. You have a current backup of your photos, documents, movies and everything else that you would hate to lose right? External USB hard drives are very inexpensive and it will let you sleep better knowing you have at least 1 backup of your important files safely stored offsite. You may also want to back up critical files to a web storage location, like your email if you can or Google Docs. That way, if your primary machine and your external backup hard drive are damaged for some reason, you will also have a copy on the web.

That pesky survey is almost ready to send out. Please watch for it and return it right away.

Do you watch Hulu? Let me know. Yes that will be on the survey as well, but send me an email and let me know what you think about it. Rumor is that HULU is going to be a pay service soon. With Walmart's acquisition of VUDU things are really going to get interesting in this space.

Did you see that segment on Sixty Minutes about the Bloom Box?

I am very excited about the potential here. A team has created an electricity creation system that removes a home from the grid. So what is Bloom Box? It's a stack of fuel cells that use oxygen and fuel (like bio gas) to create electricity with no emissions.

I see this as a huge life changer. I'll be talking about it on Tech talk as well and hope to hear form you on what you think.

Don't forget the Ashland Independent Film Festival is coming up  - April 8-12, 2010 and you can visit for info on film, tickets and membership. I hope to see you there.

Enjoy March and thank you for making us the largest ISP in Ashland.


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