Announcing 30,60,90
30 Mbps
up to 30 Mbps Download
up to 3 Mbps Upload
60 Mbps
AFN MAX Streaming
up to 60 Mbps Download
up to 6 Mbps Upload
90 Mbps
"Ludicrous Speed"
AFN MAX Small Business
up to 90 Mbps Download
up to 9 Mbps Upload

Effective January 4, 2016 we are simplifying the speed tiers we offer and making our fastest speed from last year our slowest speed moving forward.

All existing customers can remain where they are until they are ready to make the switch.

Our new Broadband Speeds are perfect for watching Netflix, Hulu and Ashland TV Online, by multiple devices in your home at the same time.

The more devices you connect to the internet the higher the speed you need.

* DOCSIS 3.0 Modems required for the new speeds. Older modems are not supported. - Modems can be rented or purchased from us. Rental includes FREE replacement if it breaks for term of rental.

** Speeds are burstable and are not guaranteed and will vary.

*** The 30/60/90 Service is only available in Ashland and only if AFN can service your location. Not all places in Ashland can be serviced by AFN.

Higher Upload Speeds allow you to seamlessly take advantage of Cloud Storage.

Why do business with Ashland Home Net?
1. We are the largest Internet Service Provider in Ashland. We are fanatical about providing amazing customer service and support.
2. We are locally owned and operated. Getting your internet from a local ISP means that most of your money is paid directly to local people and resources.
3. We give back to our community in big ways. See our Annual Report Card for 2015 here.

To Sign up or Upgrade, Call us today at: 541-488-9207